What is Moonlighting and how it is impacting companies?

This term is very new and trending nowadays. Moonlighting is working for more than one firm at the same time. You will be confused how one can work for two firms at the same time.

After the pandemic many IT and tech companies still continuing the work from home model. But few of the employees took advantage of this and started working extra to get additional income. When earning extra income is not a crime but if you are providing the same services to the same client or using the companies resources to earn the additional income then it can gets you in trouble.

Work from home given the opportunity to employees to work extra. Many of them working on two laptops at the same time and earning double income. For IT services you just need Laptop and internet connection to work.

Wipro Fired Employees

Wipro fired the employees doing moonlighting and earning from the different source. Companies are very strict about the code of conduct and that needed to be followed if you want to stay longer in any firm.

Other companies are also looking to find these people in their firm who are doing the moonlighting. As many companies are still providing work from home services. So they need to be very cautious and attentive to hand such situation.

Accenture Also Took Action

Accenture also fired thousands of employees when the find out that they have submitted the fake documents to join the company. It was during the pandemic when interview is going online and there was very less focus on the authenticity of the documents.

But now they are firing the employees who have submitted the fake experience or education document to secure a job on these big companies. This is a ongoing process and can lead to many more employees leaving their job in future.

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