Why IT Employees Leave Their Job Even After Earning So Good?

IT industry is one of the booming and rewarding industry. There are many people and college graduates wants to work in the industry and take their career at next level. There is a dream of many to work in the top companies and avail the benefits these companies provides to their employees. There is no doubt that growth and salary is the highest in the IT sector but everything in the world comes with the consequences.

Where many wants to join this amazing sector and there are some who wants leave their well settled and high paying job. You might be surprise to know this but this is the harsh truth of the industry. Although there are many benefits provided by the company but still they plan to leave their job.

In this article we are going to discuss why they want to leave their job and why this rate is increasing.

Boring Routine

In IT industry you need to follow regular routine which is hardly changes over the month. Employees get bored with the same routine when they work the same thing for over a years. Somehow people having interest in the field can sail through it but think about the people who just wanted to do the job.

Following the same routine on daily task can be tedious it can take your interest and happy life. This thing also impacts the mind as you are spending most of the time on job thinking about it.

This boring routine can be lose their interest to their job and they are tend to leave their job.

Health Issue

You need to sit for long hours on the chair which can create lot of health problem. There are many IT graduates which are suffering from cervical and muscle stiffness issues. Moreover screen time can affect their eyes and there are many more things that IT professionals are suffering from.

I have seen myself many IT graduates visiting physiotherapy session on weekends and i am one of them who spent around 4k-5k per month to keep myself pain free. And Yes this really works.

But things not stop here, there are many who are spending heavy amount on doctor consultations and medicines to get relief from the problems that arises from the pro long seating.

Work Pressure

Some of the jobs in the IT industry are very stress full that can consume your personal life too. Some people can handle it but some may be not. Instead they try to find out the less stressful job to live their life peaceful.

If you compare the job of business development job with other jobs, you can related the work pressure. We have seen many employees sharing the Audio on the social media platforms where manager harassing their juniors and forcing them to resign if they cant achieve the designated target.
Other Plans

Employees who are working with the IT organization from the very younger age like 22. They might take break from the IT profession once they have saved enough to spend their life. They can plan for something else which can earn them regular source of income like starting any business.

They can take break to try their hand in some other business even if they fail they have back up plan to get a job in the industry based on their experience and links. This is really very easy for them to join some other firm unlike in other professions.



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