Why YouTubers Growing and Gaining Popularity than Bollywood

The YouTube era is here and there are many creators coming on the platform and entertaining people around the world. There are many Youtubers who have fan huge following more than any famous personality or bollywood actors and actress.

YouTube Creators Growing

They have millions of fans and subscribers all over the world and they are growing exponentially. Growth on YouTube is not easy due to competition and keeping your audience engaged on your channel but still there are many creators doing this job beautifully.

You can take the idea from here that people are boycotting bollywood movies and shifting their focus to these creators. Actually these creators have a slight advantage over any personality who is not present on YouTube.

Bollywood Personality On The YouTube

You might have seen that many bollywood personalities started their YouTube channel and often they share their daily routine on their channel. Like Kartik Aryan and Kriti Sanon both are on YouTube and doing amazing jobs. 

Although it’s not possible for them to publish daily vlogs due to their busy schedule, still they save their time to post content on YouTube.

But there are many other Bollywood or TV personalities who are making daily vlogs and having millions of followers on YouTube. These personalities are already famous and viewers want to know about their lives and daily routine, this keeps engagement high and people tend to subscribe to know more about them.

Why Is Engagement on YouTube High?

It is true that engagement on YouTube is high as compared to other platforms. There are different reasons behind that, let’s discuss this in details

First thing is YouTube is free to use with ads so there is no limitation for people who want to see any content on YouTube. It is free to use, access and download, but you cannot publish it somewhere elsewhere.

flying beast 2022
Flying Beast

This is one of the best advantages which YouTube provides to the viewers. People prefer to get things for free and this is a gold mine for the users.

Second thing is, Creators share each and every detail on YouTube and other social media platforms. Like daily vlogging creators sharing all the things in their daily routine. 

They have which things they are buying and what event they are attending. Showing their family on YouTube is another factor that keeps the emotional attachment. For example Flying Beast is the  perfect example for daily vlogging. He keeps his viewer engaged that is why people love to watch them and eagerly wait for his next uploads.

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