Startup Laying Off Employees

You might heard this in news that popular and famous companies laying off employees in mass numbers and it become common for companies after pandemic to lay off their employees in order to cost cutting or any other reason.

These employees get hired from the different companies showing lucrative package and they hardly survive in these startup more than a year.

Why this is happening?

There can be multiple reason for it, first is pandemic where every investor was scared to invest in any company or share market. Because this was not sure by how many points market is going to fall down and many of the investors and retailers do not want to invest in this period.

The investors who are already invested suffered heavy losses during this time and they wanted to recover these losses as soon as possible. However companies managed to gain good performance after this time and managed to gain the trust of the investors.

As they were recovering Ukraine Russia war hit the market again and things started fallen with these startup as investors again started pulling out there money from these startups.

The again effected the growth of these companies and eventfully impacted the employees as well. Companies fired the employees after hiring them from the stable job. But there are few companies which also fired their employees to improve the profit margin.


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