Round 2 Hell – Latest News & Controversy

Round 2 Hell is one of the growing and most followed YouTube channels in India. They create entertainment and funny videos on YouTube. There are more than 27 million subscribers following this channel and there are more than 50 million average views on the videos.

This data shows they are influencing many people out there and they got a huge fan following. The trend of YouTube channels is growing and there are many creators entertaining their audience.

Round 2 Hell Crew Details

There are mainly 3 people running this channel and there name are as follows:-

Nazim Ahmed
Wasim Ahmed
Zayan Saifi

Round 2 Hell – Recent Controversy

Recently a case was registered against the Round 2 Hell crew due to one of their videos which was uploaded on YouTube 4 years ago.

In this video it is claimed that they are hurting the religious sentiments of Hindu community. The case against them is registered against them and probe is going on.

While addressing the media, Moradabad SP City said that in this video which was uploaded by the Round 2 Hell 4 years ago came to light and it can be seen the channel crew is making a communal content towards people of a particular religion. Due to this comment religious sentiments of people have been hurt.

He also added that Wasim is also called at the police station for questioning and a case has been registered against him. Police are also questioning him for the whereabouts of this associates who are acting in the same video.

Round 2 Hell Apology

One video is also getting viral on the Internet where Wasim can be seen with the policemen where he is apologizing for his remarks and said there was no motive to hurt any religious sentiments of any person.

On their social media they have also written a apology message which you can check in this message


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