Flying Beast YouTube Earnings and Net Worth

Flying Beast is one of the top vlogger in India and his vlogs are loved by all groups. There is huge fan following of Gaurav Taneja and millions of people admire him. Talking about the professional he was pilot earlier but now pursuing law from Delhi University.
There are many questions asked about how much he earn and what is the net worth of Flying Beast. In this article we are going to share how much he earns from the YouTube and what is estimated net worth of Gaurav Taneja.
But first we need to filter out from where he mostly earn money right now. What platforms he uses to generate this income.

Flying Beast YouTube Earning

YouTube is the growing platform and there are many content creators opting for YouTube to start their career. There are millions of video uploaded every minute on the YouTube. The game is to create unique content and engage with the audience. Gaurav Taneja manage to do both things from his YouTube Channel.
He has more than 7 millions subscribers and average per video views is around 2 million. There are 2,705,454,916 views on his total channel. Lets check more analytics of his channel as per the social blade.
Daily Average Views On The Channel – 2.2 Millions
Weekly Views Average – 15.6 Millions
Social Blade Grade for this Channel – A-
Subscriber Rank – 533
Videos View Rank – 2047
Country Rank – 207
Estimated Month Income from YouTube is in between $16.8k to $269k which is huge amount to calculate. In Rupees it comes out to be 12.6 lacs to 2 crores. We can take the average to calculate the same. 
As discussed this is the main source of earning for flying beast. There are lot of content creators who are dependent on the YouTube earnings and earn good amount from this. YouTube earnings are also dependent upon the many factors and how many ads played on your YouTube channel and how many of audiences actually watched the full ad.

Brand Endorsement 

Flying Beast promotes many brands on his channel and earn from the taking the charges from the company to promote their brand on his channel. For example you might have seen flying beast having a Myprotein bar and protein powder. So these videos are promoted by Myprotein via flying beast.
In return influencers charges a fee from the brands to promote their brands on their channels. This fee can in thousands and lakhs depending upon the mutual agreement between both the parties.
You might seen few videos where he is visiting luxurious hotels and places so these videos are sponsored by the hotels itself in order to lure the flying beast audience to visit their hotels. Sometimes these hotels can provide free stay or food just to promote their hotels and in return influencers can get good content.


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