Craigslist : Best American Classified Website?

Craigslist is an American based classified and advertisement company. This website has multiple categories like Jobs, Apartments for sale, Any services, Items, discussion forum and many more.

Craig Newmark founded the Craigslist in 2006. The idea behind this startup was to help one another in the society through the internet. He decided to create a platform to help newcomers and to fulfill the requirements of people searching online.

Initially he started with email distribution ideas but word of mouth publicity took his idea to another level. People find his idea useful and easy to use because people can easily search for any items or services nearby by using this idea.

Meanwhile Craig realized that his idea is growing and people are loving it so he started giving his full time to this project and left his regular full time job. 

There are over 700 cities registered under Craigslist. Some of the U.S. States of Delaware, wyowing, Colorado are the locations registered under this site. Cities like Los Angeles are also registered under Craigslist.

Talking about the viewership, this site has more than 20 billions page visits per month. This website ranks 72nd place worldwide and managed to score 11th place in the United States.

Craigslist publishes more than 80 million advertisements per month, therefore this website is the best platform to search Job for the job seekers. Craigslist provides more than 2 million job post requirements per month making it the best and top online job portal in the United States.

Not Just Jobs, People looking for sale and buy of different items like household,kitchen,garden they can find it here. Craigslist even provides posts related to apartments for sale and rent.

Coming to the security and spam post, Craigslist uses a flagging system to identify the spam or fake posts. So users only get reliable and authentic data and services.


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