Why Is Mother Day Celebrated In India?

Traditionally, mother’s day is observed in many countries, including India. While mothers in the West are congratulated on Mother’s Day, they are expected to be the most important person in the family. 
In India, the role of mother is extremely important as she takes care of her children and takes care of the household. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the children to give their mother the best possible care and love.

Mothers Are Honored 

Mothers are the most loved and respected people in the world. Their unconditional love is one of the reasons why Mother’s Day is celebrated in the country. Their unselfish love is unending. They protect and nurture their children, sacrificing all they have to make them better people.
Hence, mothers are honored by their children and are rewarded accordingly. In India, mothers are given the most special gifts and flowers, and the child is showered with presents.

Commercialization For Mother’s Day

Despite its importance, Mother’s Day is commercialized in the country. Big companies launch products and services for women on Mother’s Day. Fast food outlets and restaurants attempt to lure customers by displaying attractive advertisements. There is a lot of hype surrounding the day. In spite of the commercialization, Mother’s Day in India is celebrated in a special way by Indians to celebrate the role of motherhood.
Moreover, the media also creates a huge hype around the festival. Ultimately, Mother’s Day in India is a celebration of motherhood.
In India, mothers make special meals and receive cards from their children on Mother’s Day. As a result, the day has been commercialised to an extent that it is now a national holiday in the capital city. Various big companies launch new products and advertisements aimed at women on this day. In the media, it becomes a huge hype and is increasingly being marketed as a commercial holiday.

Show Case Your Love

In India, Mother’s Day is a national holiday. Every mother is honoured on this day. The children also shower their mothers with gifts on Mother’s Day. While the traditional event is held on May 8, it has become a tradition to gift and order something special for her. There are numerous religious families that don’t celebrate the day. For them, it’s more important to honor their moms.
Traditionally, Mother’s Day is a day to honour motherhood. In India, the day is also a time to thank their mothers and celebrate motherhood. The celebration of mothers is commercialized to a large extent. The media makes a huge hype about the festival, and it is becoming a national holiday.
Among other things, it is a day of thanksgiving for mothers. On the day of Mother’s day, Indians celebrate this with great fervor. In addition to the many different activities that take place, the mothers’ day is marked by many cultural events. For example, there are colorful parades in Delhi.


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