Sourav Joshi Birthday Special Song

Sourav Joshi is one of the youngest and most popular YouTube vloggers in the country. His main audience is the mainly youngsters who can co relate with him. He has more than 17.2 million subscribers on his channel. After uploading videos on YouTube he gets millions of views in minutes only.

He started his Youtube Journey from the Art channel where he used to create portraits. There is a good fan following on this channel too. People started knowing from this channel only and then he started another channel which made him more popular in the digital world.

There are millions of fans who follow him and want to know more about him. Even some of his subscribers visit his residential area and wait for him to come out from the society so that they can meet him personally.

Sourav Joshi Birthday

Recently Sourav Joshi celebrated his birthday which falls on the 8th September 2000. So currently he is 22 years old. His birth place is Uttarakhand.

Birthday Special Song

Recently he uploaded an amazing song on his YouTube channel titled – Shukriya – Birthday Surprise Music Video.

In this video he thanked his audience for supporting him and encouraging him to make videos for them. 

In this song vocals are given by Void and produced by Exult Vowl. The lyrics of this song were done by Raj V.

This song shares his life story from the beginning to till now. He has shared some of the old videos in the background where his family struggled hard and how his father used to work before the success of his YouTube channel.

He has also shared about his interest in the arts and how he used to dedicate his time for the arts to grow in that field. In this song, He shares that he loves art and still does it whenever he gets free time.

YouTube Channel Banned

In his journey his YouTube also got banned which was demotivating for him to continue this journey. But he never stopped making content for the audience. That is why he is here at this position. Making videos takes time and editing them is another task which has to be done on time to give regular content on time.

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