Is Onion Oil Good For Hair?

Hair oil is a common necessity of the people and it is used on daily basis. There is a huge demand for hair oil and many companies are manufacturing in bulk quantities to meet the demand. Earlier we were only using mustard and coconut oil to protect and get growth of the hair. 

But nowadays there are many types of hair oil available in the market which claims better result and protect from hair loss.

In this competitive market, it is very difficult to trust the claims and use their product on our own hair. However, there are many good reviews and feedback available but whom to trust is a daunting task.

Onion Hair Oil

One of the trending and most selling hair oil on the internet is Onion Hair Oil. People actually love it and there are positive as well as negative feedback available on the internet. There are brands like mamaearth and Wow selling this product. 

There are other brands too which are in line and focussing the need of this product. In this article, We are going to share the best advantages of onion hair oil which can be beneficial for you before you purchase one.

Sulfur Improves The Hair Growth

There is much research done on this to find out how Onion Oil helps in hair growth. As onion has Suflur which directly affects hair growth. Sulfur provides strength and improves blood circulation which ultimately affects the hair growth rate.

Mix With Other Oils

Using Onion Oil with other oil like coconut oil and aloe vera can improve the outcome of the results. This is the best thing to do to mix with other oil to get the best benefits from the oil. Using it on daily basis can improve hair growth.

Onion Juice Treatment Scientific Proof

In a research done by the experts, it is clearly seen between two groups which were investigated under a hair problem. One group was allowed to wash their hair with Onion Juice only and another group is told to use tap water only to wash their hair. After 6 weeks of this course, A significant amount of hair growth is noticed in the group which is using Onion Juice. You can more about this here – Treatment of Alopecia Areata by Onion Juice.


Problems related to hair loss can be effectively managed by using effective hair oils and changing your lifestyle. There are many other foods that can be added to your lifestyle to improve overall hair growth. Just depending upon the hair oils might not be worked for everyone.

Adding a proper amount of nutrients and proteins can ultimately affect hair growth. Onion Hair Oil has it is own benefits which might work for you and doesn’t work for another one.

Doing exercise daily keeps you fit and improve blood circulation. Adding necessary nutrients to your diet can improve hair care and growth. Try different things and check the results.

Every onion hair oil has its different ingredients some might be using Bhringraj or coconut oil with them. Do some research and find out which is the best solution for you. There are few organic brands that are also marketing their product organic and chemical-free, Go for them instead of using chemicals.

Use the best oil for hair growth and checking the claims made by the manufacturer and verify the same on the internet. There is much valueable information available on the internet, You just need to find the best source of it. There is an Ayush ministry website from there you can know more about ayurvedic and other things to get the best out of it.


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