What is Alljoyn Router Service in Windows 10 and How to Disable it?

There are new features and functions coming to the existence with the technology. With the advancement things are getting easy and messy same time. The thing behind is if you are able to understand the technology then it is great but if you do not then things changes and it takes time to understand it. Same things go with AllJoyn router. In this article we will discuss more about and how you can disable it.

What is Alljoyn Router Service?

Have you heard about IoT – Internet of things? This tool is bridging the gap between the Windows 10 and IoT. This is inbuilt application in windows 10. This is very useful feature if you are planning to use IoT but it would be great idea to disable it with no use.

This router service is always running in the background and affecting the performance of the system. So it is advisable to disable it so that your CPU can work more efficiently. This is going to improve the performance of the computer.

Is Alljoyn Is Safe To Use?

We are always in doubt and concern when we see any app running in our computer system. This is really important to know what apps are running and what things are consuming the CPU memory. Alljoyn is the new services and user can get easily confused with this app as it is new app.

Alljoyn is safe to use as confirmed by the microsoft experts and create to connect the services with the IoT.

This is a new technology and people from tech professionals understand the benefits of it.

So it is up to you to disable it or let it keep running in the background.

How to Disable It?

If you are planning to disable it then there are simples steps you needed to follow which are mentioned below:-

1. Open Run Box which can be directly open by pressing Windows + R.

2. Then Type “services.msc” and press Ok.

3. After that find “Alljoyn router service” from the list.

4. Click right side of the mouse on it and select the properties options.

5. Click at disable and then after apply.

With this you are disabled this app.




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