What is Shark Tank India?

Shark Tank India is one of the unique TV programs which helps the budding entrepreneurs to raise capital for their startups. This show is very popular and there are many young entrepreneurs who can be seen in this show who are coming up with unique and amazing ideas. Some of the ideas are actually relevant and help society.

The aim and purpose of this show are to help them to grow their business by getting the sharks onboard which have expertise in making a brand and taking the product reach to every customer. Shark in this show is the Founder and Co-Founder of a different brand which have already achieved something in their life and now they want others to achieve their dream. 

Details of Sharks In Shark Tank India 

Shark is the term used by the TV series for Investors who are ready to make the investment in a new startup. There is a total of 7 Sharks in this show right now and many of them can be available in the show. They all come from different backgrounds and have special expertise in their field. So they have the ability to know the power of business and how to use capital to grow a business.

Let’s talk about sharks one by one:

Ashneer Grover

He is co-founder and MD in BharatPe which is a fintech company that offers its services to small shops or Kirana owners to get payment from customers through QR codes. The valuation of this company is $2 billion which comes under the unicorn category. Ashneer was born in Delhi and completed his graduation from IIT- Delhi and post-graduation from the IIM -Ahmedabad.

Aman Gupta

The Boat is one of the economical and amazing brands for headphones and speakers. Aman Gupta is the MD and Co-Founder of Boat. This company has more than a quarter share in the market and every house have at least one product of Boat. Aman has worked with many high valued brands like JBL and Harman International before starting this company. He has immense experience in this field.
Being working from the initial steps to start this company, Aman has great expertise in brand management and marketing. Therefore initially they targeted the problem of Apple mobile users by providing them high-quality cable. This product got a huge response from the market. After that, they entered into headphones industry and got a good response from the market. The net worth of Aman Gupta is estimated to be around $95 million.

Anupam Mittal

We all know about Shaadi.com, He is the founder of this company which aims to provide a perfect match for your partner online. Anupam Mittal started this company in 1997 when there was no Internet revolution. This was an amazing time to start their business because the vision of the company was very clear. He was born in Mumbai and currently resides in Mumbai only.
He is also the founder of People Group which is the parent company of Shaadi.com. There are many other big brands that Anupam started and they are really doing very well in the market. Like Makaan.com which is a one-stop solution for all property needs at different locations. He also invented in Mauj app which is a short-term video app. After TikTok is banned in India other apps like Mauj came into play and did very well on the internet. The net worth of Anupam Mittal is around $30-50 million.

Ghazal Alagh

Mamaearth is a renowned brand in India when it comes to beauty brands in India. Ghazal Alagh is the co-founder of Mamaearth. Ghazal was born in Gurgaon and completed her post-graduation from Punjab University. She started mama earth with her husband Varun Alagh. 
The aim of the company is to provide chemical free beauty products. This idea come to her mind when she realised that there are no chemical free products in the market for babies. They used to get baby products which are chemical free from the United States and it sometime took weeks to get these products. They tookadvantage of this problem and decided to solve this in India. That is where Mamaearth comes into play. They also have unique initiative of planting a tree for your purchase and Geo location of the plant will be sent to you on your cell phone.
The net worth of Ghazal Alagh is estimated to be around $10-20 million.
Namita Thapar
Namita comes from a pharma background and she is executive director of Emcure Pharmaceutical. This company is a leading pharma company based in Pune. They manufacture capsules, tablets and injectables. Turnover of this company is more than $750 million. Namita Thapar is a leading business women in this country and she always support the women entreprenuers. There are many awards and recognition on the name on her like The Economic Times Under 40 award.


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