Chai Sutta Bar New Location In Panchkula

Chai Sutta Bar is the name which every youngster knows who loves tea and coffee. There are more than 200+ outlets of this brand and still counting on. Anubhav Dubey started this venture to unite the people who love tea and understand its importance of it.

Started with the investment taken from the friends and this outlet giving good returns. The concept of this venture is unique and trending nowadays among the youth. People actually love it and appreciate the taste of tea they generally provide.

New Location In Panchkula

Although there is one location is already opened in Sector-15, Panchkula. Another location was inaugurated on 09 Jan 2021 in Adjoining Sector-20, Panchkula. This will be a sign of relief for the residence of Sector-20,21 and Peer Muchalla who used to go to Sector-15 for the sip of the tea.

Indeed this is the best location for people living in Panchkula and Punjab. Dhakoli and Zirakpur are near to this area but it would be great if they can open their venture in Zirakpur too.

CSB in Sector -15 Panchkula

Sector -15 is the educational hub in the Panchkula so therefore many aspirants come to this point to Chit Chat and refresh themselves. At this location, they have received an amazing response from the different age groups. From youngsters to old all are coming to Chai Sutta Bar to have a cup of tea with family and friends.

Prime Location For Chai Sutta Bar In Sector -20

As the location is the prime factor for any business. CSB has managed to grab this opportunity and opened its business at the right location. Sector-20 is the most populated area in Panchkula and every business wants to have a presence in this sector. But due to the high rent and less space available in this sector, Most of the businesses try to get their shop nearby to this sector so that they can target the residence of this sector too.

The same thing was done by the CSB, they have opened their franchise in Adjoining Sector-20 Panchkula. There is much business which is located in the Peer Muchalla which basically lies under Punjab to cater the need of especially this sector as well. Due to the paid marketing, most of the visitors try to avoid the Sector-20 market and visit if it is important. Now, this has created the opportunity for other places to visit for the visitors.

We need to see people react to the new opening of this venture and how things work out. But who knows CSB and used to go sector-15 for the sip of the tea, This is definitely the best thing to happen for them. Now they do not have to cross the Shimla flyover to visit the other side of the Panchkula.

Trend Of Free Tea And Coffee On The First Day

This is one of the best business and brand awareness strategies opted by the Chai Sutta Bar. On this first they keep tea and coffee free for all, Which means you will get the tea and coffee for free on the first day of the opening.

By this people got to know more about the brand and usually pay a visit to get an offer for free. Everyone likes it when they get something for free and CSB understands this well. This scheme has worked out for them for other outlets too located at various locations.

On the very first day, they managed to gather the crowd which is needed and creates a positive influence of the taste on the customers. Due to this customers tend to visit next time for the experience.

That is how things work out for the free scheme.

Serving Tea In Kulhad

This is also one of the advantages, Unique and traditional impact they are making on society by serving the tea in Kulhad. This thing also influences the people to have a cup of tea from CSB as people love this concept. This thing also helps rural India as they get these Kulhads from the potter. Which directly or indirectly provides the opportunity of earning to others.

Experience Of Chai Sutta Bar Sector-20 Panchkula

We visited this location last weekend and we were excited to see this new location. We have already visited the Sector-15 Panchkula location and are aware of the taste of the tea in Kulhad.

Location wise this CSB is at the right point, As this is under Sun City Parikrama so there is ample place for parking and has a very nice ambiance as compared to Sector -15 Panchkula location.

The quality of food and tea is the same as the standard. But the ambiance of this location is amazing and we have seen lots of youngsters having a good time.

The prices are really very economical for all items available in CSB but they tend to increase it once they will be built a good relationship with the customers.

The same thing happened with the other CSB outlet. Initially, they provide all things at a low price and then increase the prices once they start getting footfall.

This outlet is listed on different platforms online Like Zomato. The approx cost for two people is Rs 200/-

Tea Menu

There are multiple option available when it comes to tea. The good part is all are available in different sizes like Small, Medium and Large, So as per your budget you can choose one from it.
We are going to list the flavors which are available in Chai Sutta Bar, Panchkula :-
  • Adrak
  • Chocolate
  • Rose
  • Elaichi
  • Paan
  • Kesar
  • Masala
  • Lemon
  • Green Tea

The price starts from Rs 15 for small size tea and goes upto Rs 60/- for large size. The prices are really amazing if you compare the ambience of the place. Normally you will tea from road side vendor in Rs 10/- but CSB has managed to bring their prices near to it so that people consider them at first place.

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