How to Start SEO for Your website?

We all wants traffic and visibility on our website to gets leads and sales. SEO is considered as one of the best and organic way to do this task. Although there are many SEO strategies that professionals follow to rank the keywords but search engine is very clear what they are looking in a website when it comes to the ranking.

Search engine only allows white hat techniques or organic techniques to rank a website in search results. They want to rank a page which contain all the information which user is searching for. The purpose of the search engines to rank those results which are providing information related to the search query of the user.

Although there are many factors play important role when it comes to the search ranking and main role is played by the content quality.

In this article we are going to share how you can start the SEO of your website.

Keyword Research For SEO

The first thing that matters is the keyword. For which keyword you want to rank you need to optimize your website for that keywords. Keyword plays very important role when it comes to the SEO.

You have to find the best keywords for which you can rank.

Content Analysis

Once you are done with keywords then comes the content. You need to make a plan for the content which information is available on the internet and what is not. If you have some additional information then it is great.

After keyword research content plays very important role. Need to design the content in such a way that user get all the information from your content.

Keep your article descriptive and easy to understand for the visitors.

Backlink and Marketing

After keyword and content, Backlinks from relevant resource can boost the organic ranking. Focus on getting organic backlinks with targeted keyword.

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