Best 5 Places to Order Cake Online in Panchkula

The cake is one of the first things that come to mind when we are planning to celebrate any event in our life. Whether it is a birthday or marriage ceremony, the cake is a must to have on the list.

Without cake cutting these events looks dull and boring. One of the best things is cake serve the purpose of sweet which replace the place of sweets.

Now the next question is where to order these cakes when you need them, There are different shops and cake vendors in Panchkula which make amazing cakes but how do choose the best cake and get it our own place.

In this article, we are going to share the top and best 5 outlets in Panchkula which are delivering cake online.

1. Gopal Sweets

Gopal is one of the famous and popular sweets shops in Chandigarh and Punjab. There are different outlets of Gopal sweets in different places. Gopal sweets are located in Sector 20 and sector-8 Panchkula. You can order online from Zomato to get their delicious cake at your place.

There are different types of cakes available at their place.

2. Friends Baker

Friends Bakers is located in Sector-20, Panchkula and they make one of the best and most delicious cakes in the city. This bakery has its own fan base in Panchkula and there is no doubt that its cakes are the best in Panchkula.

However, you need to order in advance if you are looking for a specific cake. There are few cakes which are always ready at this bakery.

The good thing is the affordable price, Unlike others, their prices are budget-friendly. There are other things too available in this bakery like bread, patties, and sandwich.

3. Anupam Sweets

Anupam is located in Sector-11 and Sector-5 MDC Panchkula and is one of the best places for sweets and cakes. Their cakes are also one of the best in the city.

4. Winni

Winni has also opened their store in Sector-20. You can also order their cake online from their official website or you can use Zomato to order from their shop. They serve delicious cakes, you can visit their showroom to have a taste for cakes and other things.

5. Nik Bakers

If the budget is not constrained then this is the best for any cake. Located in Sector -20 Panchkula they serve amazing and delicious cakes in the city.


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