Best 5 Diwali Gifts For Family and Friends

Diwali is here and so is the lighting and decorative season. Now markets are filled with Diya’s, electronics LED and gift items. There is also sale is going on different products and services. It is one of the best time to invest and get discounted deals.

One of the important aspect of Diwali is giving gifts to your close one. There are different option available in the market and we are already gifted Soan Papdi, Cadbury box and other eatable packs to our loved ones which we literally got from different people as a gift.

In this article we are going to share the best and unique ideas which you can share or gift your loved ones on this special day.

Customized Gifts

This is the new trend, try to customized gifts from the local shops and add items depending upon the person you are giving. Suppose your friend is gym freak so you can gift him protein shaker, protein bar and whey protein. Depending upon the requirement and budget you can add any item and give it a personalized touch.

If you are planning to give someone who is studying or doing professional course then the best thing is gift something which can be useful to them like study lamp, reading books or stationary items.

You need to think what items can be useful to someone and you are ready to customized it.

Fruits Basket or Dry Fruit Tray

Sweets and chocolates are too high on the calories and health conscious people try to avoid it. So why to give them such gift which they will pass to another person. Go for fresh fruit and dry fruits which are healthy and unique as well. You can add Dragon Fruit or Avocado to give them unique taste and also nutrients which are found in these fruits.

Dry fruits also comes with different variation. There are different websites selling amazing and tasty versions of dry fruits which definitely deserves to be ordered and gifted to your loved ones on this special occasion.

Handicraft Items

Handicraft items and d├ęcor are the trend nowadays. Get the best from the market which is unique and looks beautiful. This can be the best and unique gift for your loved ones.

You can order online or search a shop nearby selling the same items. They generally not expensive and there should be discounted price during the Diwali sale.


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