Kundli Bhagya Serial and Written Update

Kundli Bhagya is one of the popular romantic drama thriller TV series in India. This show is created by Ekta Kapoor and it is the household name. Most of the women loves this show and they do not miss out the single show of this amazing show.

This show was first telecasted on ZEE TV in  2017, earlier the name was Kumkum Bhagya but later it changed to Kundli Bhagya and managed to gain the attention of many from the first day. The cast of the show is as follow:-

  • Shraddha Arya
  • Ruhi Chaturvedi
  • Dheeraj Dhoopar
  • Sanjay Gangani
  • Anjum Fakih
  • Abhishek Kapur
The duration of show is used to be 22 minutes and this production company of the show is Balaji Telefilms Ltd.

Plot Of The Kundli Bhagya

The story is based on the four sisters which were living at different locations because there parents got separated and each of their decided to keep two daughter with them. The four sisters Preeta, Sirshti, Pragya and Bulbul on which this TV series is based upon.

Preeta and Sirshti both living with their father Raghuveer Arora in Nasik. Pragya and Bulbul living with Sarla in Mumbai.  After the death of Raghuveer, Preeta and Sirshti move to Mumbai to reunite with their mothers and sister.

After coming to Mumbai, Preeta meets Luthra Family and become the Physiotherapist. Karan and Rishabh from the Luthra Family are come into the picture then. After tis pragya and bulbul married to Abhi and Purab. But Bulbul dies after the marriage. After marriage things started getting change and here this show managed to get attention how pragya will now manage the challenger ahead of her life.

Abhi husband of Pragya start blaming her for her grand mother death and things started worsen between them. Here they decide to move ahead in life separately.

After Pragya and Abhi Separation

They both had a daughter name as Kiara which go aborad for studies and giving direction to her career. Once she came back to Delhi, she became the reason to take her both parents together and things started working for this family. After some time Pragya got pregnant again and give birth to girl twins. They give Prachi and Rhea name to these two beautiful daughters.

As everything going smooth, Kiara is killed by the enemies and things started worsen again for this family. Again Pragya and Abhi started fighting with each other and decided to separate from each other. They take one daughter with each of them from twins they have.

Story Of Twins

Prachi and Rhea are now grown up and fall in love with the common person and this create the love traingle between Prachi, Rhea And Ranbir. Where prachi is the mirror of Pragya and Rhea is opposite to the Prachi which is selfish in nature. Whereas Ranbir which is very popular and there are many girls who wants to marry him due to his amazing looks.


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