Flying Beast Blessed With Second Baby Girl

Flying beast aka Gaurav and his wife are blessed with a baby in their life again. As this is the second baby in their life. Both are very excited and happy.

There are a few viral pictures on Instagram which is trending on the fan pages of flying beast.

It is thrilling to see if it is a baby boy or girl which is not confirmed yet. Today morning Gaurav publish on Twitter and Instagram stating that both baby and mother are doing good.

Gaurav who uploads daily vlogs on Youtube shares this news via Instagram.

However, the blog of this special moment is not out yet but fans of the flying beast and Ritu Rathee Taneja are eagerly waiting for this vlog. As this is a special moment for both of them we wish the heartiest congratulations and welcome to the new baby in this world.

Recently Gaurav uploaded a vlog on his YouTube channel where he is going to collect his iPhone and other household items from his house.  You can check more by watching his vlog here:-

Now it is very clear from the vlogs of the Flying Beast that the second Baby is Girl and their family seems very happy for the second baby in the house. There were much confusion and rumours about the second baby being a boy but on its vlog, he confirmed about the baby girl. 
Even Kaira Flying Beast first daughter has seen very excited to meet her younger sister and there are many pics of both cuties going viral on the internet.

Flying Beast Second Baby Face Reveal 

The face of the second baby is not revealed yet on the Vlog but many have got a glimpse of her face. There is the belief that mother and baby should not be out of the house for 40 days after the baby delivery. So they might do a face reveal after 40 days. Everyone is waiting for that moment to see his second baby. He did the same rituals when Kiara Taneja was born.

Flying Beast Career On YouTube

Flying beast started his career in the aviation industry and side by side he was doing YouTube vlogging which is very trending nowadays. He has been doing vlogging for a while ago and his channel is one of the top most vlogging channels in India. The chemistry with his daughter Rashbhari is amazing and people actually love the bonding between these two.
Although Sourav Joshi is ahead of Flying Beast in terms of subscribers but fan base of Flying Beast is totally different from the other channels.
Now the Gaurav is blessed with the 2nd baby and all his subscribers are eagerly waiting to see her in his vlogs which would be amazing to see the bonding between the two sisters and with other family members.

Flying Beast Instagram Account

He is one of the top rated influencers on Instagram. Brands generally approach him for the collaboration. On his Instagram account he has more than 3M+ followers and follows more than 283 people on Instagram.
There are more than 1k+ posts on his instagram account and people actually engaged with him via social media handles. There are some subscribers who create memes of his action in the vlog and Gaurav actually post them in their Instagram stories and appreciate the efforts made by their fans. Due to this fan’s want are creating more memes so they can get heart from the flying beast.
This is actually the best way to get engaged with the audience. In that way they stay connected with their audience and loves them for supporting them.


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