Salman Khan Gets Category Y+ Security

Being human founder Salman Khan is now in the hit list of Lawrance Bishnoi gang. After Sidhu Mossewala murder Salman is receiving death threats. His father Salim Khan received the note of threat while doing the morning walk. Same time security personnel deployed at his house for the security.

He also applied for the arms license after that citing threats he is receiving from these gangs, which was granted to him measuring the level of threat.

Y+ security for Salman Khan

After all these incidents Maharashtra Government came into the action as they do not want to take a risk. The level of security is improved to Y+ which was category X earlier.

This came as more relief for Salman Khan as he will get more security to deal with any threating situation. Security of Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher also raised to Category X.

These security measures take from the inputs from the intelligence. They might received some information which can be threating for these celebrities. To tackle any issue State government has take these steps to avoid any misshappening.

Lawrance Bishnoi Gang Threats To Salman Khan

This gang which is most active in the North India is behind Salman Khan. They are only openly giving death threats to Salman Khan on various occasion and they claimed to left a note for Salman Khan when his father was on Morning Walk.

This threat become serious when they already murdered the most famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Mossewala on his own home town. They claimed this very openly on the social media. After this security forces does not want to take risk of celebrity which are on hit list of this gang.

That is why State government is actively working on these leads which they are getting from Intelligence and RAW. They are doing everything to protect these personalities from these gangs.

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