Prafull Billore Latest Interview With Satish K Videos

Prafull Billore is a famous personality and budding entrepreneur who runs a beverage chain known as “MBA Chai Wala”.
In the latest interview with Satish Kumar a famous YouTube who makes videos related to Blogging, Business Ideas and digitally money making ideas, Prafull Billore share his experience about his business and how he managed to become a millionaire at the age of 24.

Prafull Billore Latest Interview

The first question asked by the Satish to Prafull is the reason behind the “MBA Chai Wala”. In return, Prafull answers the main 3 reasons for the same.
The first thing he shares is convincing yourself for your aim and about the efforts you are going to put into your ideas and goals. People generally talk about society and other things but the best thing to start with convincing yourself for what you are going to start.
MBA Chai Wala
Second thing he mentions is consistency. It is really important to have consistency for your goals. He also shares the example of Satish here, how consistent he is while working on YouTube. He adds that is why the reason behind the reach of his YouTube channel.
Next thing he shared was about his learning process. He said learning is the main part of the success of the amazing venture. He shares how he managed to study for 3-4 hours on daily basis about the business, how to grow the business and how to get funds from the investors. The main point he made is by learning and studying you will get to know more and improve your experience with time which is really very important when you are running a big venture.

MBA Chai Wala Franchise 

On his experience about opening the franchise for his brand he share that it took 50 days to start tea stall from the day he thought of starting the chai business. As it is not easy for the common middle man to start the stall at the road and sell it. There are lot of barriers like society pressure and building confidence to start the same.
From Stall to Franchise business he said do not think about the days ahead just prepare for the today and you will sail. He shared it took 4 years to move from the flex printing banner to get good acrylic board for the brand. Vision should be well planned and focused for upcoming time but focus should remain on today.

MBA Chai Wala Name 

Prafull share how his friends and relatives use to make a fun of the name of his brand initially. Although he did not care about these things as his focus was intact but he use to listen from his parents about relatives make fun of him. Now the brand is big the same people are proud of him as he have become so popular and famous. He added about converting your weakness in your strength.
He said he focus only on the work and his vision for his brands. We have been through a lot with lots of struggle. It is about the journey and barrier you face while moving towards your goal. Brand name do play the role but important what is learning from others and giving the best experience to the customers.
Getting viral on the social media he shared how they are implementing different strategies to create the brand awareness. Like  on valentine day they offered free chai for single youth. They are also giving to free chai to frontlines workers like doctors, nurses and police.

How To Make A Brand Like MBA Chai Wala

He share people do get inspired from the story of the influential people but generally ignore the struggling part of their life. It is good to get inspire but focus should remain on your main goals. Start anything you want to start but focus should remain their only.
Select you goal and work on it. Learn from the mistakes and stay focused.


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