Akancha Sharma – Age, YouTube, BackGround, Cabin Crew Job

There are a lot of queries about Akancha Sharma online and many people want to know who she is and why her name is trending on the Internet.

People already following her on YouTube and already working in Indigo airlines already know about her. 

In this article we are going to talk about who she is, her job profile and why is so famous on the Internet.

Who Is Akancha Sharma?

She is a famous part time YouTuber who posts vlogs on her YouTube channel. You can check her Channel here –  Akancha YouTube Channel. She is also working as a Cabin Crew with one of the famous airlines of the country – Indigo Airlines.

Being in the airline industry she has to travel a lot and she simplifies her routines and things she is doing in the vlog.

Why Is She So Famous?

People love to know about the life of cabin crew and Akancha shares these insights. Which people actually love to know and from the vlogs of Akancha they get these things. 

Plus she remains natural and authentic in her vlogs, it feels like there is no filter between the vlogger and the audience which connects the audience with her.

She also includes her family and friends in the vlogs sometimes when she is at home or with friends which keeps the high engagement of the audience. They love to watch her spending time with her family.

She has a younger sister and the audience love to watch her as well in Akancha vlogs. There is a sister chemistry which again adds the cherry on the top.

Akancha Age

Age of Akancha is not clear but it seems she is in her 20s. We will update it whenever we have more information about it.

Education Details

She completed her graduation from Dayananda Sagar Institutions.

Akancha YouTube Channel

YouTube is the main social media platform where she posts vlogs and viewers feel connected to her via her videos. There are more than 450k subscribers and they are increasing day by day. Even the viewership is improving day by day.

She started posting on YouTube last 1 year but from January 2022 her channel started growing. As per the social blade, Around 2k people are subscribing to her daily.

On her channel there are long videos and short content too, which engage both kinds of audience.

As her audience is growing and people love to watch her, That is why brands are also approaching her to promote their products on her channel. 

Although she has cleared in her videos that she will mark the videos as a sponsored video ever she is doing paid promotion so that her viewers may know that it is a paid promotion video.

Her Instagram Account

She is also available on the Instagram account with more than 129k followers and she is following around 613 people on Instagram.

Akancha also mentioned the word “Imperfectionist” which means someone not interested in Perfection. She has also mentioned her 3 Interests in her bio section that is Fly, which is her profession. 

Chai, which is my all time favorite drink and last thing is food. So it is very clear that she is a foodie and also in her videos she shares the recipes of different dishes which you can check out.

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