How To Make Your Hair Long On Bitmoji

Internet is breaking all the records and you can look like whatever you want to using a different application. 


For example, you have short hair and you want to see how long hair will suit you. So you do need to wait to grow long hair just to check them. There are different apps that you can select to choose to look as you wanted. This is called emoji, Use a different filter as per your requirement and show the world new you.

Using these filters is a new culture now and you might have seen your friends using new and trending filters and making a wave on social media accounts. 

Before we talk about how to make your hair long on Bitmoji, Let’s know about what is Bitmoji and how it is different from Emoji.

What Is Bitmoji?

Bitmoji is a platform where you can create a different version of yourself and use them on your social media accounts to impress your friends. The use of Bitmoji does not end here you can use these Bitmoji while communicating with others which will describe your impression and emotion without writing the text to them.

How Bitmoji Is Different From Emoji?

You might have used Emoji while chatting with your friends and other people on different social media sites. They are fixed impressions in your bucket list which you can use but Bitmoji is the advanced version of this. In Bitmoji you can create your own character with different styles and use them online as you were using the Emoji.
This is creative and unique when you compare it with Emoji. The person getting your Bitmoji will be surprised and do not hesitate to ask you – how did you do it?

Steps You Need To Follow To Make Your Hair Long On Bitmoji

1. Open your Bitmoji app on the device you are using.
2. Tap on the setting buttons which are available on the top right corner.
3.  Now you will see multiple list of options available. You need to find Change Avtar Style and click on it.
4. After clicking on “Change Avtar Style”  you will see different styles. You need to choose a deluxe style.
5. Next Step is to click Avtar on the main page and select the different style of hair you want to choose from the options available. After selecting you can save it and use it as per convenience.
That is all you need to do to create your long hair with Bitmoji. You can also check out this video which nicely shows how to do it.


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