Best 5 Things Your Should Add In Your Healthy Salad

We all want healthy lifestyle and wants to do everything for it. We go for gym, focus on healthy diet and try to avoid fried foods in order to not to gain weight. Salads are the best thing to keep yourself fit which is healthy as well as nutrients. It will also help in lose weight and this is the perfect diet for the people who are on the track of weight loss journey.

There are some amazing benefits of having salad like they are easily digest able so your body does not have to work hard to digest them. They are perfect option for the dinner. As salad have more vegetables in raw form so you do not have to worry about the nutrients you are going to get directly from it. 

Making salad is very easy and less time consuming as you do not have to cook. Adding the right ingredients is the key here so that you can get each and every nutrients from it. In this article we are going to share the best and top ingredients you can add in your salad to make it more healthy and tasty.

Mix Vegetables

Vegetables are the main source of nutrients in the salad which provide multiple vitamins and fiber which are good for healthy lifestyle. Use them in raw form, Boil or steam them to make them softer, You can seasonal vegetables depending upon the season and region. You can use cucumber, carrot, beans and broccoli so that you salad looks delicious and tasty. 
You can add vegetables you like in your healthy salad and do experiment by adding them in your salad.

Seasonal Fruits

You can also add seasonal fruit in your salad to make it more unique and tasty. Try to add fruits which are water rich and taste can be matched with the other things which are adding in your salad. Like you can add pomegranate topping on your salad to improve the taste and other nutrients which are good for your health.
Fruits are high in vitamins and fiber which are really very healthy for your body. Even doctors recommend to have fruit based diet in a day to get the benefits from these fruits. Even fruit have low calories and low fat content which is perfect for your weight loss journey.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits is amazing source of different vitamins and minerals which vegetables and fruits cannot provide. They are immense source of energy and protein. Do not miss them to add in your salad to get their benefits. Dry fruits are called as super food because of their amazing benefits and nutrients they contain.
There are immense benefits of having dry fruits like they keep your skin healthy and keep your muscles strong. You should definitely add them in your salad.


Sprouts are the best source of fiber and other vitamins. They are consumed all over the world for healthy lifestyle. No other food can beat them when it comes to nutrients. They are easily digest able and provide the necessary energy required by the body. Every dietician recommend adding sprouts in your diet because they know the benefits of these amazing super food.
They contain so much of energy they also help in blood circulation which indeed is the perfect for your good health.

Paneer and Tofu

Paneer is the excellent source of protein and energy. This is the best option for veg people to get protein and calcium. There are numerous health benefits of paneer.
It build muscles and bones and provide the necessary nutrients which are very helpful for the body.


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