Important Days In July 2022

July 2022 is here and you must be looking for best and popular dates in this month which might be important for you. Every month have special days and so is July have. Lets start with this.

1 July 2022 – Doctor’s Day In India

1st of July is India is marked as a Doctor day. To honor Dr. Bipin Chandra Roy this day is celebrated on this date. Surprising fact is that Dr Bipin died on the same day. Doctors are playing very crucial roles in our life and this is the day to make the realize how special and important they are for society.

You can also send gifts and your best wishes to doctors to share the importance of this day. Doctors are important pillar of the society and this is the best time to reward them for the service to the nation.

2 July 2022 – World UFO Day

World UFO day is celebrated on 2nd of July. On this day more knowledge is provided on UFO and all the myths related to UFO is cleared by the organizations working under this field. The aim is to aware the people about the UFO and provide the answers to their questions.

4 July 2022 – US Independence Day

This is the most important date for US. This day is celebrated as the Independence day for US. They celebrate this day as a freedom from Brithishers. There is also a national holiday on this date.

6 July 2022 – World Zoonoses Day

To aware people more about Zoonotic disease, this day is celebrated on 6th of July. To spread awareness and give people more information on this disease.

7 July 2022 – World Chocolate Day

This isĀ  one of the interesting day which is celebrated all over the world. If you are planning to give someone Chocolate then this is the best day to give. To show your love and emotion this day is the perfect to share the happiness. You can also order online chocolates and send them across to mark this day.

10 July 2022 – Nikola Tesla Day

Nikola Tesla one of the famous Inventor on the earth who is famous for his design for Alternation Current. This day is celebrated to mark the achievement of Nikola Tesla.

11 July 2022 – World Population Day

This is also one of the important day to aware people about the rising population in the world. Rising population causing many problems for the world. To create awareness among people this day is celebrated on this date.

12 July 2022 – Paper Bag Today

To promote paper bag in the country 12th of July is celebrated as the Paper bag today in India. To aware people not to use plastic bag which helps in pollution, Government introduced paper bag to keep environment safe and clean.

15 July 2022 – World Youth Skill Day

This day is celebrated to mark the importance of skills in Youth. They are future of the country and building skill in youth is very important for strong foundation.

17 July 2022 – World Day For International Justice

To promote Justice and faith on the law this day is celebrated all around the globe.

18 July 2022 – Nelson Mandela International Day

To mark birth anniversary of Nelson Mandela this day is celebrated.









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