Top 5 Indian Motovloggers To Follow

Are you a bike enthusiast or love motorcycling and love recording all the stuff happening around you? I bet you might have thought of it, when you have seen motovloggers doing the same on YouTube channels. There are hundreds of motovloggers now on Youtube and everyone has their unique style and great audience.      

Viewers love their style and took inspiration from them to do the motovlogging.I have seen lots of famous Youtubers started from the scratch and now they are on the top. On the top meaning is not they are having a maximum of subscribers. It means how they keep engaged their audience and who interacts with them on a personal level.      

To be on the top you need to understand what viewers want to see in the next vlog. What is the story of your vlog. Are you able to put your viewers in the same picture in which you are in? There is a quote from my favourite movie Spiderman “With more power comes more responsibility”, When you have a large fan base which admire you and follow you then you have to be extra cautious about what needs to be uploaded and what is not.    

Things to consider  

If you think it’s very easy to create content and share on YouTube then let me remind you my friend, First you need a good camera with other accessories to create such videos like them. Of Course you can start with just your mobile phone, that’s where all YouTuber’s started from but once you become professional then you need to have a stack of all accessories like action camera, helmet mounting accessories and many more things.

Second, You need to be a Video editing ninja to create a short video of 10-15 minutes from hours of videos you recorded earlier. You can take help of Youtube videos to learn any video editing software which ever is accessible to you. Some of the best video editing software are Adobe premier pro and Final cut pro.

I have also seen some YouTube’s who are editing from their mobile phone.   It is always recommended to start with what you have, slowly and steadily start investing once you start earning from your channel.  

Let’s come straight to the point on our main topic “ Top 5 Indian Motovloggers To Follow In 2022”

1. Mumbiker Nikhil 

This channel is run by Nikhil sharma and one of the best and top rated channel on Youtube in motovlogging. The way he interacts and engages with the audience always keeps him on the top. Currently this channel has 3.1 Million subscribers and is gaining more day by day.  

Nikhil lives in Mumbai and loves to share his daily life on the vlog in a very attractive manner.

2. JS Films 

 His YouTube channel owned by Jasminder Singh commonly known as “Jaysn”. JS Films unique style to make a vlog made him popular among the motovlogging community. Total Subscriber on this channel is now more than 2.2 million.  

3. MSK 

I am following this channel since it was at 100k subscribers and personally i love the style of Mohammed Salim Khan and his channel name is MSK currently have 1.13 million subscribers. He loves travelling and bike riding.  

4. Jatt Prabhjot

Jatt Prabhjot currently has 1.12 million subscribers. He is located in Capital “ Delhi” and loves to share his daily life experience and he often travels to different places whenever he gets time.  

5. Born to Ride

This channel is managed by the youngest bike rider in the youtube community and managed to gain more than 500k subscribers He was in limelight when he rode his scooty to leh all the way from Delhi. I have also seen his video where he managed to reach Mumbai on his scooty just to meet mumbiker nikhil.


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