Martie Allen And Kristy Mcnichol Relation and BackGround

Martie Allen is a famous personality on the internet and she has appeared in many supporting roles in various movies. She is one of the famous television personalities who is also famous for her relationship with singer Kristy Mcnichol.

Her name got famous after her relationship with Kristy and there are many people who want to know about her. This was the time when people actually started looking for her and kept on searching for things about her.

Martie Date of Birth

Martie Allen date of birth is 1st January 1960 and currently Is 62 years old as of 2022. She is Christian by religion and her Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Martie Background

By profession she was a teacher and a TV personality however she was not very famous at that time and always remained in Shadow. This was going well until her relationship started with Kristy. As Kristy was a famous personality her name also started getting hype and people started looking for her.

This is very certain any name associated with the celebrity, people tend to search about her to know more about her and what she is actually doing. This was a curiosity of every individual to know more about her.

Marite and Kristy On LGBT

Both couples have strongly supported the LGBT community and they were always present in any program for this community. They are both said to have achieved freedom for the LGBT community.

Current Relation Status

Marite and Kristy are not legally married but they are staying together for a long time now. They both came together in 1990 and kept their relationship secret where only a few people knew about their relationship.

There were rumors going on about Kristy that she is a Lesbian and in 2012 she cleared it and confirmed the relationship with Marite.

Currently, they both are staying together and living happily. Both still are very active in social work and are seen very less in the public. After her retirement from her acting career, there is news that Kristy is teaching acting in one of the schools in California.


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