Who Is John Edward Thomas Moynahan and why is so famous?

John Edward is a famous personality and there are hundreds of searches for his name on the Internet. There are different questions about John Edward that users are searching online.

There are many celebrities who do not that their children to come into the spotlight and this is the right thing to maintain privacy and things do not get a burden on their kids.

John Edward Parents

Talking about the John Edward Thomas Moynahan he is famous on the Internet. He is the son of famous Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady. Tom is American football player and he has huge fan following and people want to know more about him and his family.

Bridget and Tom started dating in 2004 and their relation ended up in next 2 years. After the break up Bridget gets to know that she is pregnant. After the news came out that she is pregnant more than 3 months with the baby of Tom Brady.

Date Of Birth

John Edward was born on August 22, 2007 and he is currently 15 years old (2022)


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