Why Aalim Hakim Is So Famous and What He Charge for Hair Cut?

Aalim Hakim the famous celebrity hair dress is very popular among the Bollywood and other famous personalities in our country. Starting from Sachin Tendulkar to Salman Khan, He has given the amazing looks to his clients and make them noticeable in the society.

He is the famous and top rated hair stylish in the city. Most of the celebrities aim to get hair cut from Aalim Hakim.

Why Aalim Hakim Is Famous?

Hakim is 2nd generation hair stylist in his family. Due to his hard work and passion with the hair styling he managed to some experiment and got famous. He have some new things with the hair saloon which no body ever thought of. He set atmosphere of his saloon as a lounge and also called up DJ in his lounge.

This thing managed to get the attention of the people who are looking for hair saloon with nice environment. These people were ready to pay high amount just to get the nice ambience and Aalim got this opportunity to strike at the right point.

Charges of Hair Cut From Aalim Hakim

Aalim Hakim is famous in the industry and so is the charges he took for hair cut. He have charged 25k to for his services which was provided to celebrity and rich people of the city. Most of the celebrity come to Aalim because he is the famous name in the society and mouth marketing plays very important role here.

Nominal charges for the hair cut from Aalim Khan will cost your around Rs 900-1000 for men and Rs 1000-1500 for women. However if you want to try something new you can also shell out 1000-1500 bucks more. More you want to do experiment, more is the cost of getting hair cut from Aalim.

Aalim Hakim Background

In an interview, Aalim share about his father and how his dad was famous. His father passed away when he was 39. He adds that at that time financial condition of the family was not good but he have to complete this dream of hair stylist now on his own.
He share when he used to tell his friends that he is going to be hair stylist someday, they used to laugh on me.


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