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Tanu Rawat is a famous social media star who got popular due to her dancing skills and uploading 30-sec Instagram reels which is generally in the trend nowadays.

Earlier she use to make videos on Tiktok videos and she has many followers on the same platform but as Indian Government banned 53 Chinese apps earlier impacted the many tiktokers. Tanu Rawat is one of them but despite this, she started uploading videos on Instagram.

Tanu Rawat

But this is truly sad with the talent you got no limits. She started to upload the same videos on Instagram reels and her reels started getting views and like here and in a short time, she managed to regain the same position in social media.

Tanu Rawat Personal Life

She was born on 19th June 1999 in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. She completed her schooling and graduated from the same city. After that, she started making content for the social media platforms and her content is well appreciated. She is good at dancing and creating hip hop Instagram reels for her followers.

There are also rumours that she also gave auditions for various TV shows and serials. Many social media influencers work on different projects other than creating content for the account. Like music videos and different TV serials.

Tanu Rawat Instagram Account

She has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram and she is following only 15 people on Instagram. There is more than 500+ post including reels on this account. Most of the videos are dancing one and lip-sync videos which are trending nowadays.

Tanu Rawat Physical Appearance

She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall and weighs around 52 kgs. The color of her eyes and hair is black. She looks amazing in her videos with different attire in every video. She knows what to wear for which video. The person working behind the camera is also doing a great job when it comes to camera handling for dancing videos.
Therefore she managed to provide amazing content. Editing skills are also up to the mark which takes her videos to another level. 

Tanu Rawat Boyfriend

As per the sources she is single and only focused on her career right now and planning to take her content to the next level.

Tanu Rawat Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Tanu Rawat is around 50 lakhs. The main source of earning is collaboration and promoting brands on her Instagram account. It totally depends upon the number of deals she is getting. But as we see the number of followers on Instagram, this is huge and she might be earning good from the deals at this age.
Brand collaboration and branding is the best way to earn via Instagram and YouTube. There are many YouTubers and social influencers earning through branding and collaborating with brands.

Tanu Rawat YouTube Account

After getting good reviews from the Instagram account, she also started a YouTube channel where initially she started posting shorts which she is already posting on the Instagram account.
1 Month ago she posted the vlog, where she shared how the journey of Kedarnath. The title of the video is Kedarnath Yatra. Recently she posted a video about her visit to Tehri Dam Uttarakhand. Although she is not regularly posting videos on Youtube even then there are more than 90k+ subscribers following her on this platform.
This is because of the popularity she gained from the other social media platforms that she easily managed to gain initial subscribers based on YouTube. This is a really very great achievement for her, this is just because of the hard work and talent behind this success.


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