Falguni Nayar Net Worth

Falguni Nayar the owner and CEO of Nykaa has recently become the richest woman in India. The total Net worth of Falguni Nayar stands today is $6.5 billion.

Why Nykaa Is In the News?

He started the Nykaa in 2021 with no experience in the business sector although she had experienced in the Investment sector. The sole aim of Nykaa was to provide a one-stop solution to provide beauty products on one platform. Now Nykaa is listed in the share market and this is why she is in the news.

Nykaa is listed in NSE with very good market capitalization making Falguni Nayar in the top list of the richest list in India. The valuation of the company is much higher than other reputed firms like Godrej and Coal India. 

Market Cap Of Nykaa

The market cap of Nykaa is $13.99 billion which is more than Coal India, SBI card and Godrej. Due to this Falgun Nayar stands in the top richest list in India. This is great news and moment for the Nayar family to celebrate this occasion and take this company to another level.
Nykaa is already doing a good job in the market but now is the time to take it to another level. Now listing will open new doors for the company by which they can start new services and other opportunities they might be planning for their esteemed customers.

Falguni Nayar In 20th Richest Person In India

Now due to the Valuation of Nykaa now Falguni Nayar ranks 17th richest person in India. This is a very product moment for the Nykaa Itself. This is the huge milestone that the falguni has achieved. Falguni and her family own the stake in the Nykaa is around 53.6%.

Funder Stakes In Recent Times In Startups

As Falguni Nayar has more than 50% stake in the company and total net worth that comes out to be around $7.3 billion because of the percentage of the stake in the company. Similarly, Vijay Shekhar Sharma has a 15% stake in Paytm and his net worth is estimated to be around $3 billion.
Recently Zomato was listed in the news and there were many people interested in this share. Deepinder Goyal is the founder of the company and has only a 5.50% stake in the company due to which his net worth comes out to be around $650 million.

How Nykaa Survived Initial Phase

Initially, Nykaa was founded by Falguni and her husband. It was an easy task for Faluni to attract the investors as she is from an Investment background but instead she focussed to get customers on her own and seeing how things work in the Online platform. This strategy works for her and she got a stronghold on the beauty products. In starting phase Nykaa was funded from the family money and later on manage to gain the investor’s trust. 

Funding In Nykaa

After the five-round of funding, this company becomes popular in March 2021 and there were 3 institutional investors who have trusted the idea behind this amazing startup.
Investment is important for any business to grow and scale up its business in the market. The same thing was backed by the Nykaa and things started working out for the company.

Starting Journey From 1st order

Falguni share her first-year experience with the Nykaa and how good it was when they were in the designing phase and how things got disbalance when they have to deliver 30 orders per day. She said her operational manager quit as things were not planned and we have to fulfil the delivery of the orders.
She shares her experience with Nykaa that she started this startup at the age of 50. This is the inspiration for others. Age is just a number you can start at any age you just need a ideas and consistency to reach at the goal.


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