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Ajey Nagar known as CarryMinati on social media platforms is a famous YouTube from India. He is popular for online game streaming and his reactions to the different videos and topics on the Internet. He has two YouTube Channels one is CarryMinati and the other is Carryislive.
He got famous and popular for his roast video on his main channel. One of the videos titled “YouTubers v/s Tiktokers got so viral that many started following him. Although this video was taken down by YouTube for violation of YouTube community guidelines.

CarryMinati Net Worth

The total net worth of CarryMinati is estimated to be around $4 million. The main source of earning is from YouTube AdSense revenue, Sponsorship and collaboration with reputed brands. 
He earns well from his both YouTube channel and doing good on both channels.

CarryMinati Girlfriend 

There have been rumors that CarryMinati is engaged with the Avneet Kaur. She is a social media sensation has more than 25 million followers on Instagram. There was news coming up that there is something going on between these two.
People cooked up the story from the Instagram post which Avneet posted on her Instagram account.

There were many comments on this post like one user named “thenameisgarg” commented

“Carryminati be like- Tumhare anthem me mera bhi naam hai, views pane ka yeh sahi kaam h”.

Carry Minati Viral Video YouTube V/s Tiktok

We have all known about this video and this was one of the trending and most liked videos. Although this video was taken down from YouTube after it got viral due to policy violation. Things started when there is a tussle going on between Tiktokers and Youtubers but one of the videos of Amir Siddiqui got viral on social media.
In this video, he compared the content creators of two platforms and claimed that content is just copied on YouTube and creators generally copy each other to grow on YouTube. He also said that creators on YouTube roast each other to create content and there is no unity in reality. There were many things more.
CarryMinati in response to this video of Amir. Uploaded this video titled ” YouTube V/s Tiktok”. In which he clearly slams the Amir points and totally roasted him in this video. The content of this video is appreciated by all the YouTubers and the support of every Youtuber was there.
Even after this video Amir came up with another video and clears the things he said in previous videos. He talked about things that were manipulated and how tiktokers are harassed by the public. But this was too late as Carryminati video got viral and clearly it was getting support from the majority.

Why CarryMinati Video Got Deleted?

After many complaints reported this video as harassment and cyberbullying, this video was taken down from the platform by the YouTube Authorities. YouTube guidelines and policy are very strict about the content you are creating and you have to follow the same to avoid any suspension from YouTube.
After this CarryMinati Uploaded this song on YouTube – “Yalgaar”.

CarryMianti Interviewed Tom Crusie

Recently CarryMinati interviewed the one and only Tom Crusie in Paris where Tom was doing promotion for his upcoming movie Mission Impossible 6. In this interview, Tom was seen talking about his experience in all 6 parts of Mission Impossible and how he managed to do all the stunts himself. He also asked Carry about India and how things are here. It was an amazing interaction of Carry with Tom on the red carpet. You can watch this interview on YouTube.


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